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Getting your Agency Listed

The ADRC follows an established policy to determine what organizations will and will not be listed in the database. There are no exceptions to our Inclusion/Exclusion Policy. The policy is reviewed annually, so it may have changed since the last time you viewed it. Click here to read the Inclusion/Exclusion Policy.

If you have questions about the policy or want additional information about listing your agency, contact our Resource Coordinator at ADRC@kenoshacounty.org or 262-605-6646. If you would like to submit your agency and its programs to be considered for inclusion in our resource database, use our online Database Inclusion form to provide your agency information.

Staff Training:
If you or your staff would like to receive training on how to search for community resources in KARL, please click here. The Resource Coordination Team will contact you to schedule virtual sessions for your staff.

This information is provided as is with no guarantee as to the accuracy of the information. Information is considered to be accurate as of the date of the last update, printed above. Aging & Disability Resource Center may not be held liable for misuse of this information.

The ADRC does not recommend or screen the businesses or service organizations in our data base and is not responsible for any vendor business policies. Please use your discretion when calling for services, requesting estimate, reviewing references and licensure. For professional license information, you can contact the Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing by phone: (608) 266-2112, or access their website: https://licensesearch.wi.gov/.

Please contact the ADRC if you need additional assistance or have any additional questions Kenosha County ADRC 8600 Sheridan Road; Kenosha, WI 53143 phone: 262-605-6646; email: adrc@kenoshacounty.org Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm.

You can also contact the Better Business Bureau by phone: (800) 273-1002 or access their website: https://www.wisconsin.bbb.org

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